5 Reasons Print is Making a Comeback

April 29, 2019

What do memo pads, money and business cards have in common? They are all printed on paper!

Printed advertising materials are a powerhouse in your marketing arsenal, especially when used strategically as part of an omni or multi-channel marketing effort.

As a print and digital advertising provider with over 85 years of experience, we are quite confident that print is making a comeback in the hearts and minds of consumers.

We share our top 5 reasons that print is making a comeback in this article.

#1: Consumer Preference

90% of consumers agree that there will always be a need for print. Furthermore, consumers say that professionally printed materials have helped 4 out of 5 small businesses stand out from their competition.

Print is also the preferred choice for U.S. recreational readers:

66% Read print magazines

62% Read print books

61% Read print newspapers

#2: Higher ROI

Printed materials have a higher return on investment than digital channels.

ROI by advertising type:

62% Catalogs/Flyers

52% TV

40% Press

32% Radio

29% Personalized direct mail

25% Email

23% Outdoor

17% Social media

12% Online

4% Telemarketing

#3: Deeper Understanding

Most consumers think they understand something better after reading it in print form.

71%  of consumers believe they gain a deeper understanding after reading a print newspaper over an online news source and  64% of consumers would be very concerned if printed newspapers were to disappear in the future.

#4: Catalogs Rising

Print catalogs are making a comeback. Amazon splashed headlines a few months ago with its 2018 Holiday Toy Catalog. Rather than include prices, the 70-page catalog included scannable QR codes and website addresses on almost every page. The catalog was designed with a retro look.

Other retailers like IKEA offer print catalogs as well. They have an impressive reach. Half of all Americans order from catalogs and 42% of people read the print catalogs that they receive in the mail. Consumers spend an average of $850 on catalog purchases every year.

#5: Digital Advertising Annoyance

Print is a tangible way to break through the digital noise.

Consumers are not fond of digital advertisements. 71% of U.S. consumers don’t pay attention to online advertisements, 63% do their best to block online ads and  69% say they find online ads annoying.

By contrast, 63% of U.S. consumers read printed advertising mail at least once a week that’s addressed to them and delivered to their homes.

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