What type of mailing list is best for your next direct mail campaign?

August 31, 2020

Every direct mail campaign starts with a mailing list and this determines your target audience and how effective your campaign will be. There are different ways to create your mailing list. We explain these different types and their benefits to your budget and campaign.

What choices do I have to create my mailing list?


A saturation mailing list reaches the mailboxes in an area by zip code, radius, city or county. It is mailed to 90% of all residential addresses, or 75 percent of all business and residential addresses combined. Saturation mailing lists typically cost up to 70 percent less than consumer or business lists.


A demographic targeted list is a mailing that allows you to pull from a variety of demographic criteria to target prospects, such as age of individual, total household income, length of residence, etc. This allows your direct mail campaigns to target your ideal audience.


This is the mailing list that you the customer have created using information you have gathered from your clients and prospects. This mailing list provides you with the most control over recipients, but tends to cost the most of all mailing lists.


New movers or new neighbors may be the perfect target market as they lack familiarity with local services and vendors. Our New Neighbor Program is updated weekly and contains a fresh source of recently reported new movers each week, providing you with a solid pool of prospects.

Benefits of Targeted Direct Mail Lists:

  • Reach specific and qualified audience
  • Maximize your ad dollars by targeting the right group
  • Customize your campaign message
  • Greater response and engagement – Better results

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